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Group Dog Walks

Dogs are naturally pack animals and love to socialise with other dogs, what better way to ensure they have all these things outside in the fresh air where dogs love to be.  We encourage small group walks, no more than 4 dogs at a time.  We offer half hour and hourly dog walks, all tailored to suit your individual needs.


It maybe you don't have the time to walk, due to work or other commitments, you may not be mobile enough to do the long walks, or maybe your dog hasn't had much interaction with other dogs. We aim to walk your dog in a safe environment with other friendly dogs, encourage play and excercise and treat them through out, they will be returned happy and content and looking forward to your return.



Other than the general improvements to your dog’s well-being, which they get from their usual walk with you, our group walks can also provide other benefits:


  • Regular walking develops a routine and can improve behaviour
  • Interaction with other dogs increases their confidence
  • ‘Running with the pack ’improves general health & fitness
  • Dogs will be introduced to new fun environments
  • Dogs get to go out ‘whatever the weather’
  • Your dog will thank you for a walk with his ‘four legged ’friends 
  • By expelling your dog's energy, you are allowing him to better focus on you, which greatly aids in training. If your dog is wound up & excited, he is much more likely to be distracted and unable to keep his attention focused on you, whether you are teaching him basic manners or trying to teach him some  new tricks. 
  • Not only does walking or running provide physical stimulation, but exploring their surroundings with their senses is also greatly instinctual which will tire them out and keep their mind and body healthy and balanced.  
  • Group walks provide an ample opportunity for socialisation. It is amazing to see the difference between taking your dog for an off leash walk alone and taking him with a pack of 3 or more dogs. Even though being with their pack mates can make them more playful and riled up, I find that my dog is better behaved on pack walks, as well as more balanced and relaxed. Even dogs who aren't used to or don't love interacting with other dogs can benefit from a pack walk as long as the group has the right dynamic. 
  • When out for a walk, private or in a group, your dog will encounter other people, other dogs, perhaps other animals as well as noises and scents that they likely do not get to experience at home. This will inspire confidence in your dog, again helping him be more balanced and relaxed.   


We will carefully select other dogs with friendly, outgoing personalities, similar to your own dog’s to give them a safe, fun and stimulating outing.Walking is an instinctual, natural activity for dogs that enables them to expel energy and stimulate both their mind & body. A good walk can significantly tire and calm an excited, hyper or high energy dog. This will save your home from destruction caused by boredom as well as allow your dog to thrive as a balanced member of your family.



What to Expect

Before accepting your dog within one of our group walks we would recommend a few sessions of one to one walks to help us to bond with them and understand their behaviour, levels of recall and general personality.

Once your dog has been assessed we can then select from one of our ‘existing packs’ who we feel would make suitable walk partners for them.

  • Group walks includes a free collection service from your home
  • Packs of no more than 4 dogs per walker may be exercised together
  • Walk locations include local safe, park & woodland areas away from traffic
  • With your permission,your dog will be ‘off of the lead’ for part of the walk
  • Dogs will be kept hydrated throughout the day and treats given with your premission
  • ‘Towel dried and tired’,your dog will be returned home and fed at your request and water available



NOTE: dogs may not be walked in groups if uncastrated over the age of 9 months and bitches who are not spayed

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation where we can meet yourself and your dog in their own environment and make some general assesments of their personality and talk to you about their normal walking habits. This also gives us the opportunity to run through our work and explain the relevant paper work which is necessary to ensure I have all relevant details. If you are happy to proceed we can organise a one to one dog walk so we can get to know your dog a litter better on and see how they are on the lead, we can then make the necessary arrangements to proceed with the dog walks.


We follow the narps uk code of practise and you can see the policy document under policy and procedure section.  We are fully insured and police checked.






NOTE: dogs may not be walked in groups if uncastrated over the age of 9 months and bitches who are not spayed




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