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Our Services in Brief

Dog Walking

Dogs are naturally pack animals and love to socialise with other dogs, what better way to ensure they have all these things outside in the fresh air where dogs love to be.  We encourage small group walks to ensure your dog is getting the best out of their time.  We offer half hour and hourly dog walks.


It maybe you don't have the time to walk, due to work or other commitments, you may not be mobile enough to do the long walks, or maybe your dog hasn't had much interaction with other dogs. We aim to walk your dog in a safe environment with other friendly dogs, encourage play and excercise and treat them through out, they will be returned happy and content, allowing you peace of mind whilst you attend to your daily chores.  See our section on Group and one to one dog walks for more information.

Doggy Day Care

There are always times be it due to work commitments or special occasions that you may not be around for the whole day, we offer a doggy day care where you can be assured your dog will get a minimum of 2 walks and have home from home comforts. They will be treated as part of the family and have the use of our home. They will be well exercised and played with or just cuddled through out the day. We offer a pick up and drop off service. To ensure the dogs get the attention they deserve places are liminted as we only have a few dogs at a time.  See our section of doggy day care for more information.

Cat Care

Cats are creatures of habit and have a routine which also includes feeding times, it may well be with increasing working hours or you are travelling long hours, or even work shifts, this routine may not be easily carried out.  We offer a pop in serivce, where we can feed your cat, ensure they have sufficent water, change litters, offer a playtime and cuddle and we could even feed other small animals on our visit, and do a quick securtiy check. See our section on cat care for more information.

Pop in Service

Wether you have a dog, puppy, cat which may just need looking in on, or wether you just require a security check on the house if you are on holiday. We can offer a service to suite your needs, if you have an older dog they may just need a toilet break, and a gentle 10 minute walk. A puppy may need checking on and letting out in the garden for a toilet break and a 10 minute play time. Cat owners if away overnight may need their cat attending to and feeding, letting in or out. If you are simply just on holiday and require curtains drawing, lights leaving on, plants watering.  What ever your needs we can offer this bespoke service so please contact us for a consultation. See section on home visits for more information.

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